Collection: The Doe-Eyes

Having large eyes to make you look innocent 

15 products
  • Russia Series Black 14.2mm
  • Russia Series Pink 14.2mm
  • Frozen December Brown 14.5mm
  • Asian Series Brown 14.2mm
  • Cloudy Smoke Grey 14.2mm
  • Frozen December Grey 14.5mm
  • Moon Leen Brown 14.5mm
  • Donut Peanut Butter 14.5mm
  • Moon Leen Grey 14.5mm
  • Galaxy Grey 14.5mm
  • Cloudy Smoke Brown 14.2mm
  • Galaxy Brown 14.5mm
  • Cotton Candy Grey 14.5mm
  • Cotton Candy Brown 14.5mm
  • Donut Chocolate Cookies 14.5mm